Space Clearing

Our homes contain the energetic imprints of all the events and emotions that occurred there, including those of past owners. These imprints can keep you stuck in the patterns of the past, holding you back from reaching your goals, even influencing your emotional state, your finances and your relationships. A space clearing ceremony clears negative energetic imprints and infuses the space with positive energy to support your vision for your life.

Plan on 90 minutes for a preliminary interview and tour of your home and 1-3 hours for the ceremony. I also offer distance clearings, using the floor plan and photos of your home.

Whole House Space Clearing $275 (up to 3,000 square feet)

Get a quote for spaces above 3,000 square feet

Mini Space Clearing $95 (up to three rooms/1000 square feet)

“Just got home from a trip. It finally feels like our “home”. That’s the best way to describe it. A few weeks ago, I came home from a trip and felt irritable, like “how long can I keep living here?” So the experience I had coming home this afternoon must be reflective of the shift from the space clearing”

— Hannah, Chicago, IL

“The first time I worked with you on an energy clearing, it was for my work space. I was shocked at how accurate your feedback was as well as how different the areas felt following the clearing. It was as if someone had opened up the ceiling, sucked out all the negative energy while also opening windows to fill up the space with positivity and clarity.  It is like breathing new life into spaces that I did not realize needed some!”

— Dawne, Alberta, Canada

“Our home feels so much more warm and bright since the clearing. Since we moved in this weekend, we haven’t had any more spirit activity, either”

— Kathryn, Pittsburgh, PA

“Carlyn came to my house to do a space clearing for my home. My husband and I had started an awesome reorganization of our storage area in the basement two months earlier. This began with good intentions, but like so many projects we began in this house, it got about halfway done.

So for the rest of the year, it left the rest of the basement- my office area, our music area, and homeschool spaces completely strewn with “stuff” we just couldn’t get ourselves to get back around to. It was a MESS and it felt horrible to be there. I couldn’t work there, the kids moved to the kitchen table for schoolwork and other than doing the laundry, none of us used the space at all. We avoided the entire basement.

Once we did the clearing, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with everything– how to reorganize the spaces, what needed to go, what needed to stay… The whole space was transformed.

Since then, even all these months later, my children are constantly playing there, inviting friends in, practicing their music, using the art space, doing their homework… and my work has absolutely become a joy and an ease. I’ve increased clients, created and launched new programs for my business– things I’ve wanted to do for years and haven’t had the energy or mental clarity to get past the idea stages, even though I had dedicated time to them.

I credit Carlyn’s clearing with the new love and excitement, creativity, clarity and peace that the space now offers. Every intention we set for that clearing has come to fruition. I recommend EVERYONE take the time to work with her! You will not regret it!”

— Jules, Des Moines, IA

“My small house had become increasingly cluttered and disorderly. I had been moaning about my clogged attic for years, but was making little progress on it, or several other blocked areas of the house. Storing some of my parents’ possessions in my attic when they entered assisted living was the final straw. Even though I live half a continent away, I decided it was time to call on Carlyn for a distance space clearing.

Surprisingly, things started to shift as soon as we finalized our plan to do the space clearing and I had sent her my intentions for it.  As if a plug had been pulled, old things started moving out of the house without a whole lot of effort. During the preparation stages, when Carlyn told me the sorts of energy she’d found in the house, I felt the momentum building to do even more clutter clearing and cleaning.  A fresh infusion of energy was helping me take on sorting and discarding tasks that had formerly immobilized me. Knowing someone else was giving my house this kind of care and attention was also key—I felt supported and motivated. Anyone passing by on garbage night for the next several weeks could vouch for how much impact this ceremony had.

If you wish to create more space for moving forward in your life, book a space clearing with Carlyn!”

Ruth- Albany, NY

Carlyn Rae Wei is a Certified Elemental Space Clearing® Practitioner. For more information about Elemental Space Clearing, click on the link below.